Parallel lines have a lot in common, but they never meet.


Inspired by the world of design, we are in search of Luxury, Design & Trends. Parallel Designs is carefully curated with a selection of unique products that will give a sophisticated and modern touch to your home!

Our brand carries a variety of products that goes from placemats and home accents to baby and kid accessories! We are always looking to bring in new lines and products that we’re sure you’ll love.

We'll help you find the perfect gift you’re looking for. Whether it’s something for yourself, a friend, a bride or a baby, we've got you covered! We merge design, versatility & uniqueness into each of our products to make every gift unique & extra special! We aim to be a place where everything you could imagine is just a click away!



Veronica Benatar

I’m a Graphic Designer with a great passion for creativity, details & decor. It all started in 2017 after I got married and moved to a new place with my husband, and started to look for accessories to decorate our house. I was looking for luxurious and unique accents that were also practical, so I decided to create my own home decor product line filled with products that I love. I started with one of our current Best Seller products: Mix & Match Trays; and today, we carry more than 30 home decor products & gifts curated or designed by me. I'm always looking to innovate and bring new trends and products that will fit my brand.