About Us

Inspired by the world of design, we are in search of Luxury & Trends. Parallel Designs is carefully curated with a selection of unique products that make us the perfect shop for any occasion gifts. We aim to be a place where everything you could imagine is just a click of a button away!

"Parallel Lines Have a Lot in Common But They Never Meet" 

October 2019

New Products!

Currently, we carry more than 20 home decoration products,
and we are looking forward to bring more stuff you'll love! STAY TUNED!

December 2018

International Expansion!

We have expanded through different shops around the world. We have Parallel Designs representatives in Miami, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela & hopefully we get into other markets soon.

July 2018

We Launched Our Website!

3 months later we launched our website.

April, 2018

When It All Started!

I started this online shop boutique with one of my favorite product: "Mix & Match Trays", with the dream of becoming an online gift shop for any occasion.
- V